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DOL # 7 Study Guide

Essential Questions >
  • How do plants reproduce?
    • What are the structures & functions of flowers?
    • What is pollination and how does it differ from fertilization?
    • How and why are seeds dispersed?
You will KNOW that….
  1. Flower parts, functions, & associated terms
  2. Pollination sequence and associated terms
  3. Sexual reproduction sequence of flowers and associated terms
It’s important to understand that…

  1. A flower’s structure is related to its function.
  2. Pollination is a step that precedes fertilization.
  3. Seed production and dispersal are key to a plant’s survival.
You will be able to….# Dissect a flower to discover the structures and functions of its reproductive system.
  1. Explain the function of flowers and pollination
  2. Describe the production of seeds as a means of sexual reproduction.
  3. Explain seed dispersal mechanisms as they contribute to a plant’s survival.


EQ: What are the structures and functions of flowers? (Lab book page 41 > 43)

  • You will dissect a Gladiolus flower to identify flower parts.
  • Please watch the video at the link below.
  1. FOSS: Preparing a flower mount

  2. A flower dissection video

  3. Another...Flower Dissection

  4. Labeled parts of a flower

  5. Virtual Flower Dissection

  6. Parts of a flowering plant

  7. Interactive Flower & Life Cycle Scroll down to click on the "Life Cycle" block.

  8. Flower Database

  9. Pollen Database

  10. Learn the parts of a FLOWER


  12. Flower Database # 2

EQ: How can we explain the process of pollination and how does it differ from fertilization?
Pollination & Fertilization
* You will be able to explain the sequence of plant reproduction from pollination, to fertilization, to fruit formation.
Here is a great video showing the steps of Pollination and Fertilization. Remember, POLLINATION is the transfer of pollen from the STAMEN to the STIGMA. FERTILIZATION is the joining of the male sex cell (SPERM) with the female sex cell (EGG). When this process is complete, seeds and fruits develop.
POLLINATION & FERTILIZATION SEQUENCE VIDEO. (Good video for completing your storyboard)

(Good video for completing your storyboard)

  1. FOSS: Pollinator collection
  2. Pollination Video
  3. Encyclopedia Britannica Pollination and Fertilization Video
  4. Pollination
  5. More on pollination
  6. Interactive Flower Parts and Flower Reproduction Scroll down to the block on "Life Cycles" and click on it. There are a few flower activities to do.
  7. Flowers - BN
Use the Sequence Chart below to show the sequence of steps in Pollination.
Use the Sequence Chart below to show the sequence of steps in Fertilization.


EQ: How and why are seeds dispersed?

Seed Dispersal
  • You will see a variety of seed dispersal methods.
  • You will understand why plants must disburse seeds.
PLEASE READ: "Seeds on the Move" - Pages 46-50 from your FOSS Textbook.

Seed dispersal is critical so that baby plants don't have to compete for resources with their parent plants.

Drill, Practice, & Enrichment

Please get a 90% in each of the practice quizzes below and show me.

Quizlet Flash Cards & Games for DOL7

Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction, Petals, Sepals, Stamens, Filament, Anther, Pollen grains, Sperm, Pistil, Stigma, Ovary, Ovules, Eggs, Fertilize, Pollination, Fruit, Seed Dispersal