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FOSS Diversity of Life (DOL)
DOL Investigation #8
  • Combination note-taking packet

  • Modified note-taking packet (for IEP/504 students)

  • Enrichment homework (for gifted or any other student)
    • Plug in five words from the vocabulary below and write a one page essay explaining how those words and their relationships on VisuWords relate to this FOSS investigation.
    • Print a copy of the VisuWord screen you used
    • VisuWords
Essential Questions >
  • How can we investigate a snail’s design as it leads to habitat preferences?
    • What are the structures & functions of a snail?
    • How can we test the habitat preference of snails through scientific means?
    • What can snail shell classification teach us about diversity of life?
You will KNOW that….
There are important terms associated with this investigation such as:
Invertebrate, Foot, Tentacles, Shell, Mantle, Heart, Habitat, Anthropomorphism, Investigative plan, Diversity, Love dart, Hermaphrodite
It’s important to understand that…

  1. Some of the structures & behaviors of invertebrates.
  2. Snails are gastropods with a muscular foot, a head with sensory organs, and a shell for protection.
  3. Antrhopomorphism is the attributing human thoughts and feelings to nonhuman organisms.
  4. Habitats of snails as they relate to a snails structure, function & preference.
  5. Explain similarities and differences between snails and other organisms.
You will be able to….
  1. Demonstrate respect for handling organisms.
  2. An investigation of snail habitat preferences.
  3. A shell sort activity to appreciate the diversity of snails.
Drill, Practice, & Enrichment
When using FOSSweb, our user name is palmyra and PW is our mascot.

  • Invertebrate
  • Foot
  • Tentacles
  • Shell
  • Mantle
  • Heart
  • Habitat Anthropomorphism
  • Investigative plan
  • Diversity
  • Love dart
  • Hermaphrodite