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MakerSpace – Genius Hour Page!

What is MakerSpace?

MakerSpace is a place for students to explore, learn, invent and collaborate. In my classroom, there is a MakerSpace area in the front of the room or it could be at your table or other appropriate spot in the room.

What is purpose of MakerSpace?

In my classroom, it is intended that MakerSpace be used as a creative outlet to explore learning beyond the regular curriculum and to provide choice in your learning. You must verify that you have adequately completed the daily class learning to have MakerSpace privileges.

Where can I learn more about MakerSpace?

The links below can provide some information about the MakerSpace movement.


Defining MakerSapce

MakerSpace Websites

Genius Hour

What is Genius Hour?

Genius hour is an opportunity for students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. Students commit to a long-term project or topic or long term project to explore and report on their learning.

What is purpose of Genius Hour?

In my classroom, it is intended that Genius Hour be used as a creative outlet to explore a specific topic or long-term project to explore. You must verify that you have adequately completed the daily class learning to have Genius Hour privileges.

What is the difference between MakerSpace and Genius Hour?

MakerSpace is usually short term with no long-term goal or commitment. It is like creative brainstorming and exploration. Genius Hour is a long-term goal or commitment that involves and end product in mind. In Genius Hour, you are creating something with potential lasting value.

Genius Hour Resource

Genius Hour Idea Resources

If you are going to participate in Genius Hour, you must do a one time submission of this Questionnaire.

MakerSpace(MS) – Genius Hour(GH) Rules

  1. You must give me evidence that you have completed the day’s classwork satisfactorily for the privilege of participating in MakerSpace/Genius Hour
  2. You must complete this Google form for each session.
  3. You must realize that MakerSpace/Genius Hour is a creative solo or collaborative activity. It is not a socialization focused activity. Please treat it as such.
  4. You must respect all materials, technology and put them away properly.
  5. You may not disturb others who are completing classwork.
  6. If you are given permission to use your cell phone, it must only be for the intended purpose of MS/GH.

Some MakerSpace – Genius Hour options:
-Make or experiment with a Rube Goldberg device. DOMINOS

-Experiment with snap circuits
-Solve a real puzzle or online puzzle or create a puzzle.
-Create something with real LEGOS or Virtual LEGOS
-Play real Chess or virtual chess
-Use the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality headset to explore VR/AR technology. NYTVR USA Today VR- Great site! Virtually There
-Explore with a real microscope (after you pass microscope training) or virtual microscope.
-Explore real hissing cockroaches or virtual roaches
-Explore life in the real “Pond of Death” or a virtual pond.
-Observe our trout tank to look for patterns. Our Trout in the Classroom.
-Engineering activities: NOVA Engineering, Engineering
-Try some simple programing:
-Build With Chrome Link

-Build an APP for a phone
-Do Data Skimming - Interested in sports stats or other stats? This might be a fun site for you to play with.
-Anime or other computer art with Sumo Paint
-Gold Map - Explore how to become an Olympic Athlete - Follow you dreams
-Instructibles - Lots of Do It Yourself projects.
Explore 3D websites with the blue and red 3-d glasses
-Come up with your own ideas and or bring in your own teacher approved materials.