Natural High Videos & Stories
What is your Natural High? Please consider sharing it with us. You can present by yourself or with others that share the same interest.
2016 Tigers Natural High Sign Ups
This form is to be filled out by Friday, April 15th if you are going to be presenting at our team's Natural High event in the Cafeteria on Friday, April 22nd in the morning.


I will be presenting my passion for volleyball. I will also be showing students how to set or pass (not hitting because of limited space). I will also let there be a hands on experience where students can get a ball and pass and set back and forth with a friend a bit. I will also be displaying different things to show students more about volleyball (medals, photos, jerseys, etc.)

My group will be teaching others about the fast game of field hockey. We will go over stick movements, how to drive and more. We will demonstrate and let others who come try it out!

We will be presenting how to tie flies or bugs out tread and feathers also artificial hair from animals.We will also be showing people how to fly fishing and how to hit your target.

I will be presenting my knowledge on Confederate History. Because I cant bring in my fish or my aquariums. I thought something I know about and something I enjoy to learn about is something of a talent that could be shared. I would talk about why we had the Confederate States and what each flag means, black confederates, slavery and taxes. I would also talk about why we fought in the Civil war with a slide show and hands on flags and music that can bring you back to the Confederacy.

Well my natural high is art. I love to draw and paint those are my two favorite things to do. I have down art sense I was in fourth grade.

We will be explaining the game of lacrosse to other students. We will be explaining the history and the rules of lacrosse. We will show how the game is played today and the gear that we use. Students can shoot, pass, catch, and even try out the gear. The presenters will help students shoot a fast shot and make a crisp pass. The presenters will also show their skill with the students and tell them that practice makes perfect.

I will have all of my equipment (composite bat, glove, helmet, batting gloves, face mask) and I'll bring in at least 2 of my first place medals from 2 different tournaments. Since I pitch, I will need to go outside on the track (a good gripping surface for my feet and also for the cacher) to show you what I got! I will show my fastball, change up, and my knuckleball. I will also be wearing my uniform not only because it's comfy, but it's easier to play in. Another good thing about that is it follows the school dress code! I will explain how softball works and why it means the world to me.

My natural high is trampoline, tumbling and acrobatics. I will be showing a video of tumbling and probably be doing some tricks outside.

We will be presenting the basic skills of soccer including dribbling, passing, and shooting. We can set up a small goal in which the audience or people can shoot at and set up a station to pass and dribble through cones. Also we can include a poster board showing these basic skills step by step to understand it more.


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