Nature of Science

Essential Questions

  • What have you learned in 6th grade about the Nature of Science?

  • How can we apply Nature of Science terms to Life Science?

You will KNOW that….

The process of science involves the following terms and concepts: Investigative Questions, Observations, Quantitative Observations, Qualitative Observations, Hypothesis, Independent Variable, Manipulated Variable, Dependent Variable, Manipulated Variable, Controlled Variable, Inference, Measurement, Data Table, Graph, Model, Operational Definition

It’s important to UNDERSTAND that…

Scientists utilize the nature of science concepts to help them solve questions about the world around them.

You will be able to….

Demonstrate and apply nature of science knowledge while conducting a life science investigation.


  • Investigative Questions
  • Observations
  • Quantitative Observations
  • Qualitative Observations
  • Hypothesis
  • Independent Variable
  • Manipulated Variable
  • Dependent Variable
  • RESPONDING Variable
  • Controlled Variable
  • Inference
  • Measurement
  • Data Table
  • Graph
  • Model
  • Operational Definition
  • Evidence

Websites & Videos

Drill & Practice

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