Our next meeting will be June 2nd, 2017. Listen for announcements and check your gmail.

AGENDA for our 6/2/17 meetingAGENDA for our 4/28/17 meetingAGENDA for our 3/8/17 meetingAGENDA for our 2/15/17 meetingAGENDA for our 12/20/16 meetingAGENDA for our 11/16/16 meetingAGENDA for our 11/4/16 meetingAGENDA for our 10/14/16 meetingAGENDA for our 9/26/16 meeting

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Our Meeting Dates

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, December 15th, 2016
2:45 -3:30 in Mr. Rem's room. Have rides arranged.

Archived Meeting Agendas from 2015-2016 School Year
        • AGENDA for our 10/1/15 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 10/15/15 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 11/10/15 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 12/3/15 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 12/17/15 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 1/7/16 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 1/27/16 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 2/17/16 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 2/29/16 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 4/8/16 meeting
        • AGENDA for our 5/23/16 meeting


2016 -2017 Registration Form

High Hopes for Haiti 5K (HHH5K)
Palmyra Haiti Gates Foundation Presentation
Palmyra-Haiti Project Introductory Slide Show
We have 501(c)3 status.Our GlobalGiving Project Update Page
We love Facebook likes!Our Palmyra-Haiti Project Facebook Page
Our Pilot Wiki Project from 2008

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A little Haitian radio...


  • 11/10/15 - WITF's Tim Lambert coaches us on how to plan and carry out audio interviews. LINK
  • 5/5/14 - We receive a grant to purchase an Intel Classmate PC to show people the computers we have purchased for our schools in Haiti. LINK
  • 4/5/14 - We gave a presentation to the PAFE grant committee on our trip to Washington, DC. LINK
  • 3/14/14 - We were guests at the Haitian Embassy and the offices of GlobalGiving in Washington DC. LINK
  • 2/14/14 - We received final approval for our March trip to the Haitian Embassy and GlobalGiving in Washington, DC. We will conduct a lottery at our 2/20/14 meeting to see who will go.
  • 12/5/13 - We raised over $2500 on Microsoft's YouthSparks matching day!
  • 12/5/13 - Our project will be presented at a state science teachers' convention at Penn State. Students are not invited to attend this event unfortunately.
  • 12/3/13 - Microsoft will have a dollar for dollar match of any money that is donated to our GlobalGiving site this day at noon! Encourage people you know to donate.

  • 11/17/13 - There is a committee of 2 students and 3 teachers from James Stine College in St. Marc who will be coordinating collaboration with us this year.
  • 11/17/13 - Lebanon Valley Youth Soccer Club has donated nearly 300 retired youth soccer shirts for us to send to our students in St. Marc. We will sort them and package then at a future meeting.
  • 10/23/13- UPDATE on our spring field trip to Washington, D.C....We will be visiting the Haitian Embassy around 11am. They may be able to provide us with a "Haitian Cuisine" lunch. After that visit, we will be visiting the offices of GlobalGiving not far from the White House. The date for this trip is Friday, March 14th, 2014. We will only have room for about 8 or 9 students to go. Haitian Embassy in Washington. D.C. The GlobalGiving Team More details to come...
  • Did you know? One of our members spent time in Haiti this summer on a mission trip and another one of our members will be heading to Haiti in the coming months.
  • 10/23/13 - We received over $400 in donations toward our project on GlobalGiving's matching day on Wednesday.
  • 10/20/13 - Our fall GlobalGiving matching day is Wednesday, October 23rd. All donations will be matched by 30%. Please spread the word! Our GlobalGiving Project Update Page
  • 10/18/13 - GlobalGiving's Haiti Filed Representative, Ms. Eason, conducted a site visit to our schools in Haiti. She had a favorable visit and we will get a follow up report on her visit in the coming weeks. More details to come...
  • Grant funding for our spring 2014 field trip to Washington D.C. has been approved! We will be able to take 8 Palmyra School District students to visit the Haitian Embassy and GlobalGiving. More details to come...
  • The PHS FBLA club invited us to present our project to them on Wednesday, October 16th. They are considering future involvement with our club.
  • On October 19th, the Builders Club is supporting our project by hosting a kickball tournament at Forge Street School from 9am to 1pm. Please consider supporting this project. We thank Builders Club for supporting our project!
  • Palmyra Middle School teachers recently donated over $100 to our project!