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Populations and Ecosystems
Investigation 1 Milkweed Bugs
In this investigation....

You will know ….

Organism, habitat, species, life cycle, proboscis, exoskeleton

It’s important to understand that…

  • Gender differences among species can be determined through observations.
  • An organism’s habitat requires considerations for food, water, shelter, and air.
  • Patterns of an organism’s reproductive/life cycle can be observed and noted.

You will be able to….
  • Demonstrate their ability to determine the sex of organisms such as milkweed bugs based on observable features.
  • Construct a habitat suitable for an organism such as a milkweed bug.
  • Observe and record patterns of an organism’s life cycle.

HOMEWORK - Milkweed bug note packet


EQ: What are the structures and gender characteristics of milkweed bugs?

Lab Book: Page 1
FOSS Text: Pages 3-5

Milkweed Bug Information and Pictures

Milkweed Bug Close up Video

Milkweed Bug Molting Video

Milkweed Bug Drinking and Cleaning Proboscis Video


EQ: What are the requirements for a suitable milkweed bug habitat?

Lab Book: Pages 2-4
FOSS Text: Pages 3-5

How does our classroom milkweed bug habitat account for....
  • Food
  • Water
  • Oxygen
  • Shelter
  • Space

We learned about exponential growth. What might limit exponential growth in our milkweed bug habitat?

Habitats and Pop & Eco Course Preview....

Setting up a Milkweed Bug Habitat

Habitat Management Job

LESSON 3 (ongoing February through May)

EQ: What are observable life cycle patterns of milkweed bugs?

Lab Book: Page 6
FOSS Text: Pages 3-5

2017 Milkweed Bug Observation Log

2017 Milkweed Bug Observation Data Table

2016 Milkweed Bug Observation Data Table

2015 Milkweed Bug Observation Data Table

Please check out the video below on how to sort data on Google Spreadsheet below. Practice sorting your data for the milkweed bug table by table, period, etc.
How to sort your data in Google Spreadsheet

Populations and Ecosystems
Investigation 2 Sorting Out Life
In this investigation....

You will know ….

Ecology, individual, population, community, ecosystem, biotic, abiotic, population study

It’s important to understand that…
  • An individual is one single organism.
  • A population is all the individuals of one kind in a specific area.
  • A community is all of the interacting populations in a specified area.
  • An ecosystem is a system of interacting organisms and nonliving factors in a specified area.
  • Biotic factors are living elements in an ecosystem and abiotic factors are nonliving elements.

You will be able to….
  • Analyze and sort images on cards to determine which represents individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems.
  • Identify biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem.
  • Explain defining characteristics of an individual, population, community and ecosystem.

HOMEWORK - Life in a community note packet


EQ: What is ecology and what are the key concepts of ecology?

Lab Book: Pages 8 - 11
FOSS Text: Pages 6-7

Populations, Communities, Ecosystems

Biotic and Abiotic Video

Basics of Ecosystems


EQ: What are population studies and what scientific thinking goes into them?

Lab Book: Pages 13-14
FOSS Text: Pages 6-7

Background on Chimpanzees

Among the Wild Chimpanzees

(Lab Book: Pages 13-14)

Jane Goodall and the Chimps

Jane Goodall Retrospective Video

Jane Goodall's Official Site

Jane QR JPG.jpg

Jane Goodall and Chimp Release Video

A good story to help you prepare for the Investigation 1 & 2 quiz...

Jack and Jill went up a hillside to explore. They saw a fallen tree with some moss and mushrooms on it. Next to a stream filled with cold water, they saw a nest of an animal in the shade of a tree. A deer stood next to tree and drank from the stream.

See if you can identify the following in the story above:
  • An individual
  • A population
  • A community
  • An ecosystem
  • An abiotic factor
  • A biotic factor
Answers can be found HERE.


Resource Links

Among the Wild Chimpanzees - Daily Motion with Commercials