Substitute Plans

Attention Substitute Teacher:
In the event that the regular lesson plans are beyond your skill or comfort level, please choose a video below for students to watch and have the students fill out a "Video Accountability Sheet" found on my counter by the sink . Please make sure they are actively engaged in working on the video sheet. Please give them about 5- 10 minutes before the end of the class period to finish their work on the sheet. PLEASE COLLECT ALL SHEETS before students leave class so that I may check their engagement level.

A stack of sheets can be found by my sink on the counter.
Video Accountability Sheet

Utilizing the laptop and LCD projector for a lesson:
  1. You may use the Mac laptop near the American flag.
  2. There should be a student account you can use to enter the screen. If you are locked out, you may ask a student to use one of their Ipads and you can run this from their ipad via Airplay and Apple TV. Students will know how to do this.
  3. My LCD projector remote and my Apple TV remote are by my projection laptop near the American flag.

All other needed substitute information can be found in my substitute binder on my desk.

Thank you.

Videos to choose from....
FREE streaming videos from IZZIT

NATURE videos

What's in Gum?

Weird Nature Video

Amazing Plants

Monster Fish

Super Rats

Rain Forest Video

Invisible World Video

Insects Video

Dolphin Video

Scientific American Videos Please do not show the Galapagos video as we watch that in class.


Megastructures Video

Megastructures Video - Large Landfill

Megastructures Video - Large Miner

Megastructures Video - Biggest Shredder

Megastructures Video - Making Money

Megastructures Video - Ferrari World

Megastructures Video - Indoor Ski Resort

African Lions Video

Famous Scientist Videos

The Science of Sports Videos

Nature Videos

Science Take (New York Times)

Science How To Videos

Science Games if technology is available..